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Unicard has deep roots in the restaurant industry providing TABC record-keeping for over 600 Texas private clubs. Unicard has saved the restaurant industry millions of dollars as a foremost leader in alcoholic beverage regulation reform.


Founded in 1989 by David M. Ivy, Unicard built a reputation as the only universal private club record keeping service in Texas. Over the years, Unicard has amassed a database of over 250,000 Lifetime cardholders just waiting to discover your business.


Now we are expanding our services to include relationship driven marketing solutions through Unicard Deals.  By accessing Unicard’s vast database of active members, Unicard Deals is able to streamline marketing efforts to the most influential of consumers. Marketing campaigns are able to reach targeted customer groups and drive those customers in the door.


Unicard Deals is different from other marketing companies in that we are built on customer service. We don’t stop at the end of a campaign. We see the campaign as just the beginning of a relationship with consumers. By using analytics and performance based actions we will pinpoint the best techniques for reaching your best customer and provide follow-up action to keep them coming back. Repeat customers are our goal.