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The Unicard Rewards program is a service, not a platform. We provide the equipment, the tracking and the redemptions for you. Customers swipe their Unicard at your business, we track the visits and send them a reward of your choosing. Paperless redemption and demographic tracking included. Customers have access to all businesses on our system. No more punchcards or one-card-for-every-store clutter.


We're the ONLY Universal Electronic Loyalty Program


email marketing imageEMAIL MARKETING

Do you have a new menu item? An event to promote? Our large email database of Unicard holders is just waiting for you offer. We're able to target your best customer using demographic information for the best possible reach. 


online deals imageWe offer flexible deals, better rates and plenty of customizable options. Reach thousands of active consumers through our targeted marketing. We follow-up with users and help create your marketing list. The best part? No paper vouchers! Deals are redeemed with our iPhone App electronically!


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Unicard Deals is a licensed agent of Unicard Systems. 

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